Divan Borehamwood

Lunch Offers

2 Courses £8.95
Available Monday to Friday from 12pm to 4pm


Mashed chickpeas mixed with sesame seed, oil, garlic and lemon juice

Tarama Salad
Fresh smoked cod roe pate with oil and lemon juice

Cacik (V)
Diced cucumber with garlic in yoghurt

Ali Nazik (V)
Charcoal grilled aubergine prepared with yoghurt and garlic

Ispanak Tarator (V)
Pureed baby spinach leaves in yoghurt with a touch of garlic and olive oil

Kisir (V)
A mixture of crushed wheat, tomato puree, diced green peppers, olive oil and lemon juice

Zeytinyagli Yaprak Sarma (V)
Vine leaves stuffed with rice, raisins, pine nuts, lemon juice and olive oil

Saksuka (V)
Fried cubes of aubergine in olive oil with tomato, green peppers and garlic

Sucuk Izgara
Spicy Turkish sausage

Soup of the day

Main Courses


Grilled Chicken Leg
Specially prepared boneless chicken leg grilled over charcoal served with pilav rice & salad

Grilled Chicken Doner
Marinated sliced grilled chicken served with pilav rice & salad

Chicken Shish
Marinated cubes of chicken breast chargrilled and served with pilav rice & salad

Chicken Wings
Chargrilled chicken wings served with pilav rice & salad

Pan fry chicken
served with mushroom, onion, pepper, special tomato sauce & pilav rice



Grilled Kofte
Skewered spicy minced meat chargrilled, served with bulgur rice & salad

Lamb Kofte
Specially prepared minced lamb served with pilav rice & salad

Dish of specially prepared lamb, served with pilav rice & salad

Beyti Kebab
Minced meat with special herbs and pistachio rolled yufka bread served with yoghurt and butter sauce



Grilled vegetables
Grilled vegetables served with tomato sauce & rice

Mixed Meze
Selection of six cold mezes of the day served with home made bread

Imam Bayildi (V)
Aubergine stuffed with onion, tomato, pepper and garlic in olive oil served with rice

Falafel (V)
Shallow fried chickpeas, parsley, onion, coriander pates served with humus & salad

Mucver (V)
Grated courgettes, feta cheese, onions, egg, flour & parsley fromed & shallow fried, served with cacik & salad